Running Tiktok Shop ads: All you need to know

Running Tiktok Shop ads: All you need to know

Running Tiktok Shop ads is very necessary when the market is growing. Let’s learn about the aspects of running Tiktok Shop ads with CleverAds!

1. Why should you run Tiktok Shop ads?

1.1. The development of e-commerce platforms

Previously, when technology had not developed, businesses or individuals doing business in the traditional form still had to spend money to rent good locations to expand their business scale. Even that is a high cost for the labor force to serve the business.

Many new business technologies are formed and become trends, making sellers and consumers more convenient. Sellers will provide their items, products, and services on e-commerce platforms, and buyers have many options to consider before deciding to buy.

1.2. Tiktok is currently a social network with many interactions every day

In addition to Facebook, Tiktok is presently the dominant social network for the past three years, with many subscribers and a considerable amount of time spent surfing Tiktok daily.

At Tiktok, sellers and buyers can interact in the comment section based on the seller’s content or message. Moreover, when the buyer has a need, they can easily find the address or phone number updated by the seller to contact and receive feedback from them.

1.3. Consumer shopping trends

Customers’ shopping trends are essential factors in deciding the business expansion of individuals or businesses from small to large.

As the Covid epidemic becomes more and more complicated, affecting consumers’ travel, consumer demand of customers tends to increase, and they look to e-commerce platforms to shop more and more. Therefore, running Tiktok Shop ads will help businesses reach many customer sources on today’s popular Tiktok platform.

2. Types of TikTok Shop advertising

2.1. Spark Ads

Sellers will take advantage of popular content. Customers can access the music used in the ad or the merchant’s account page with a button.

2.2. Live Shopping Ads

Customers will watch the seller’s Livestream and buy the item. Customers can click to view the Livestream and decide to purchase through this Livestream.

tiktok shop ads

2.3. Video Shopping Ads

Customers can buy this product while watching ads

3. Instructions for running Tiktok Shop ads

After setting up an account to run Tiktok Shop ads, sellers will develop ideas, produce videos with attractive and engaging content, and convey messages to customers about the products they are marketing.

There are five basic steps to run Tiktok Shop ads as follows:

  • Step 1: The seller will review and select any video with much traffic and receives many comments and interactions to advertise.
  • Step 2: The seller will select the 3-dot button on the screen, displaying many action buttons. Then select “advertisement.”
  • Step 3: Tiktok will ask the seller to choose an advertising target. Based on the primary goal, the seller wants to make a reasonable choice.
  • Step 4: After the selection, the seller will select the customer file and the audience the seller is targeting (that is, the customer file the seller is targeting). This item will have two options: custom or Tiktok of your choice.
  • Step 5: Choose a budget. The seller will choose the appropriate allocation of the funding each day. From there, Tiktok will provide an estimate and overview for merchants to review and sign up for. The seller will make a deposit and start the advertising process

tiktok shop ads

4. Advantages of running Tiktok Shop ads

4.1. Reach a large number of potential customers

The users on Tiktok are usually in the age group of 15-40. This is the most potential customer file that every business on e-commerce platforms today is targeting. This is a group of customers with high demand for online shopping.

4.2. The trend is likely to explode soon

Based on reports on user behavior in recent years, Tiktok gradually leads the trend when encouraging and attracting many members to participate, especially Gen Z.

A particular point and key advantage for sellers when advertising on Tiktok Shop is that other social networking platforms or e-commerce platforms must rely on customer behavior. When shopping to provide content suitable for each audience, Tiktok Shop will have to do mass distribution before finding the audience that needs that product.

4.3. High conversion rate after running Tiktok Shop ads

The high conversion rate comes from the main advantage of TikTok Shop, which is that the seller will create highly innovative introductory videos, product ads, and good content combined with stunning effects and sounds. These help the message about the product can reach consumers in the fastest and most effective way.

According to research from Social Media Week, viewers will leave an impression in their heads up to 95% of the brand’s message when approaching the video. Also, about 93% of brands receive new customers thanks to a video on the Tiktok platform.

4.4. Low advertising costs

Because Tiktok Shop is still a new platform in Vietnam, the competition is low. Advertising costs have been pushed lower than other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. Therefore, advertising on Tiktok Shop is relatively inexpensive but still effective.

5. Limitations when running Tiktok Shop ads

5.1. Tiktok Shop promotes creativity

If businesses do not have a strong content creation and production team (especially short video formats from 15s to 30s), this platform’s ability to attract attention is very low. A sample of advertising content on Tiktok Shop will have a short life cycle (about 3 days to 2 weeks).

5.2. Support is low

Because it is still a new platform imported into Vietnam, the support and convenient features for the market still need to be improved (especially for individual accounts).

5.3. Many complicated policies

Because it mainly exploits Y & Z gene objects, Tiktok manages very strictly in terms of content, so this platform requires users to be knowledgeable and update the policy regularly.

6. Some notes to run effective Tiktok Shop ads

6.1. Improve Content Quality

One of the crucial things to pay attention to if you want to achieve high traffic is that sellers must have product promotional videos with unique, novel, and attractive content. Advertising posts must be verified and strictly comply with TikTok’s policies and regulations.

6.2. Use the running of TikTok Shop ads in a reasonable time

Proper timing at the right moments will help the conversion rate be higher. For example, if the seller has advertising content ideas that align with current trends, they can run ads immediately. This helps them get more traffic as well as reach potential customers.

7. Conclusion 

Running Tiktok Shop ads is still relatively new in the Vietnamese market today, but this will be a very competitive platform for other e-commerce platforms in the long run. CleverAds hopes to equip readers with the knowledge and information about running Tiktok Shop ads through the above article.


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