Instagram Threads: Bane or Boon for Business?

Instagram Threads: Bane or Boon for Business?

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The Hype Behind Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads was introduced as a standalone messaging app by Facebook (now Meta) in 2023. It aimed to provide a more intimate, private communication platform within the Instagram ecosystem. The app allowed users to share text, photos, and videos with a select group of close friends, emphasizing real-time connections. Essentially, launched as a companion app to Instagram, Threads focuses on quick, private sharing with a select group of individuals, making it ideal for maintaining a close-knit circle of friends or family.

In addition, Threads offers several key features:

Close Friends List: It syncs with your Instagram close friends list, allowing you to easily share updates and messages with those you trust the most.

Status Updates: You can set your status to reflect what you’re doing, such as “Studying” or “Traveling,” and Threads will automatically share this with your chosen contacts.

Auto Status: This feature uses your phone’s location to provide context about your status without revealing your precise location. For example, it might show “At a cafe nearby” without specifying the exact spot.

Messages and Media Sharing: You can send text messages, photos, and videos to your close friends directly from the Threads app.

Real-time Notifications: Threads offers real-time notifications, ensuring you’re always in the loop with your closest connections.

Moreover, its initial hype stemmed from the growing demand for private and secure messaging due to privacy concerns surrounding larger social media platforms.

In particular, Threads leveraged the Close Friends list on Instagram, enabling users to share content exclusively with this select group. This concept generated interest due to the desire for more personal interactions on social media. Instagram’s brand and user base added to the initial buzz, creating anticipation for Threads as a new way to engage with friends.

Threads also respect user privacy, as messages sent through the app are end-to-end encrypted.

Where is Instagram Threads Now?

Threads initially aimed to provide a more intimate communication platform for users. However, since its launch, Threads has undergone significant changes.

Meta introduced Threads as a “new way to share with text” in July 2023, suggesting a shift in its focus from the original messaging app concept. However, the complete details regarding the extent of these changes are not clearly provided.

Thus, the question of whether Threads remains relevant depends on these undisclosed updates. If Threads has pivoted away from its initial messaging-centered approach to focus on different types of content sharing or communication, its relevance may be redefined within the context of these new features.

The platform’s relevance also hinges on its ability to compete with other social media and messaging apps. If Threads has evolved into a unique and compelling offering, it may carve out a niche. However, its relevance could diminish if it continues to overlap with existing Meta-owned platforms like Instagram or lacks features that set it apart.

Ultimately, without specific details about Threads’ current functionality and user base, it’s challenging to assess its relevance definitively. Users and industry experts will likely monitor its evolution to determine whether it can effectively address users’ needs in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Staying updated with any further developments and user feedback regarding Threads is essential to gauge its continued relevance.

Furthermore, prior to the changes, Instagram Threads faced challenges in gaining widespread adoption, partly due to competition from other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. Its success was limited, and it struggled to maintain its initial hype.

However, if Threads remains active, it may have evolved to stay competitive by introducing new features or integrating more seamlessly with the broader Meta ecosystem. Its relevance would depend on whether it effectively addressed user needs for private, close-knit communication.

Should Businesses Utilize Threads?

With all that’s been said, Instagram Threads, initially designed for personal communication within close friend circles, may not be the ideal platform for businesses. To justify that, here’s a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform for business:


  • Personalized Engagement: Threads can facilitate more personalized interactions with a select group of loyal customers or brand advocates. This can foster a sense of exclusivity and connection.
  • Content Control: Businesses can share content directly with a target audience, ensuring their messages reach the right people without the noise of a public feed.
  • Informal Communication: Threads allow for casual, one-on-one conversations, which can be beneficial for providing customer support or addressing specific queries.


  • Limited Reach: Threads’ primary focus on close friends restricts the potential reach for businesses, making it unsuitable for large-scale marketing efforts.
  • Privacy Concerns: Inclusion in a close friends list may be perceived as intrusive, potentially leading to privacy concerns or opt-outs.
  • Lack of Business Features: Threads lacks the robust business tools available on the main Instagram platform, such as analytics and advertising options.
  • Risk of Inappropriate Use: Threads can pose risks, as they may lead to accidental sharing of sensitive business information if not used carefully.

So, while Instagram Threads can offer a more intimate way to engage with a select audience, its limitations, such as limited reach and privacy concerns, make it less favorable for most businesses. For businesses seeking to maximize their online presence and reach a broader audience, leveraging the main Instagram platform with its suite of business tools and advertising options is generally a more effective strategy. However, for niche businesses with highly engaged, close-knit customer bases, Threads could be a valuable supplementary communication tool to foster deeper connections. Careful consideration of the specific business goals and audience is essential when deciding whether to use Threads for business purposes.

Key Takeaways

Overall, Instagram Threads initially generated excitement as a private messaging platform for close friends within the Instagram ecosystem. However, its long-term success and current direction remain uncertain, as it faced challenges competing with established messaging apps.

For businesses, leveraging Threads may have limited advantages due to its focus on personal connections. While it could enable personalized engagement, the platform’s constraints, including limited reach and privacy concerns, make it less suitable for most businesses.

Lastly, to determine Threads’s current state and relevance in 2023, it’s advisable to conduct further research on recent developments. In the ever-evolving social media landscape, businesses should carefully consider their target audience and communication goals when deciding whether to incorporate Threads into their marketing strategy.

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