6 upcoming marketing trends you need to know in 2023

6 upcoming marketing trends you need to know in 2023

The year 2023 is the year the Marketing industry awaits many risks. Marketers needed to be ready to embrace new strategies and approach their work from a new angle. It is required to develop an effective strategy for your business. Let’s explore with CleverAds the following outstanding future marketing trends.

1. Video Marketing

Video Marketing is widely known as a promising prospect in the marketing industry. Bannerflow’s report shows that 26% of respondents plan to increase their Video Marketing content internally, which is a response to how powerful video is.

Additionally, Google reports that YouTube reaches more 18-49-year-olds than all other platforms. Photo and video posts also generate more engagement than text-only posts.
Incorporating video into your marketing strategy provides an excellent opportunity to connect with a big audience and build trust. It helps customers understand and feel better about your brand and humanize it.

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2. Content is King

Nearly half of the Bannerflow Report respondents said that the content demand has increased over the past twelve months. Content Marketing is the foundation of an effective strategy and connects a company directly with its customers.

Good content builds credibility for any company. Providing consistent, high-quality, and relevant content shows new customers your credibility. The effectiveness of storytelling helps others want to engage with the company on whatever channel or medium you choose to use.

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3. Harness the power of data

Data is one of the most valuable and powerful assets any company has, and making the most of it is critical to delivering an effective marketing strategy.

“Having data, analytics, and technology experts available to the enterprise is a smart move,” said Rob Foster, senior consultant in the Marketing and Communications management consulting department at The Observatory International. Because understanding your consumer business better gives you a better platform to think about what your Marketing and Communications should look like with consumers.

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Furthermore, harnessing the power of data helps paint a better picture of customers and their behavior. This allows you to tailor your Digital Marketing initiatives more directly.

4. Social Media

Strong selling on social networks is a thing of the past. Instead, Marketing needs to approach social media content with a story-driven approach to engage customers and increase engagement on the most popular social media channels by 2023.

Social media is another space where you need to think about your video and visual assets. High-quality images should be part of your strategy, especially on LinkedIn and Instagram. To stand out from the competitors, you must optimize every element of your social media strategy.

You can’t schedule occasional posts or share everything when you like it. You have to build a solid schedule that is designed and thought through and the other aspects of your digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, a well-planned strategy is easier to manage and deliver than ad-hoc posting.

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5. Virtual Events

A study by Bizzabo shows that virtual event attendance will increase by 34% in 2021, and live stream attendance will increase by more than 250%. People enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to attend events that may not be accessible in person.

Virtual events are cost-effective solutions for businesses and increase reach and brand awareness. Virtual events are more than just an option for small organizations. Increasingly, big companies also realize their value. Success in virtual events is attached to the quality of your video content, and make sure you have enough budget to succeed in this medium.

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Our research found that companies are committed to investing more in internal online video skill sets. These skills can also be practiced by hosting and organizing virtual events. Platforms like YouTube Live, Twitter Live, and Zoom increase the opportunity for participatory virtual events.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an integral part of some companies’ marketing strategies. For others, however, it’s a whole new initiative. By 2023, influencer marketing is set to become a popular marketing tactic.
Our report shows that 38% of respondents are increasing their online influencer engagement in the future. On top of that, your business goals will drive your approach to the influencer.

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Above are the top 6 Marketing trends in 2023 and predicted to completely change your business if you know how to apply. Hope the above article will help you.

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