Fashion marketing: 5 secrets to mastering the game on Instagram

Fashion marketing: 5 secrets to mastering the game on Instagram

In the fashion industry, fashion marketing acts as a great stepping stone to ensure the success of a brand. Not Facebook or TikTok, Instagram is the most suitable “stage” for the fashion industry.

But how to make the most of this social networking site? Let’s look at CleverAds with tips to build the brand image you want on Instagram.

1. Why do you need fashion marketing on Instagram? 

Fashion and image are two inseparable elements. While not explicitly designed for selling, Instagram has its most important weapon: it helps build brand love. The following outstanding features will prove it:

  • Owning a variety of content formats: If you want to unleash your creativity, features such as reel, story, and IGTV will be a practical choice. In addition, Shopping expansion will be suitable when you want to sell. 
  • This is where people trust to shop: Seeing people wearing products and reviewing them will make customers more confident. In addition, customers buy fashion products mainly based on emotions. With the core value that Instagram aims to be BEAUTIFUL, customers effortlessly withdraw their wallets because the effect is too shimmering.
  • Increase brand awareness: regularly posting content on Instagram will help you stay in customers’ minds longer than your competitors.

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Fashionistas always use Instagram to update the latest trends and information from brands. So how to attract the best customers? Let’s take a look at the following five tips.

2. 5 secrets to building an effective Instagram marketing strategy for fashion products

2.1. Market research and trend prediction in fashion marketing 

To learn the market overview, market research is the major first step. It is necessary to research competitors, their characteristics, and the fashion models they aim for from the right judgments and directions for their brand.

In fashion, an important keyword is trends. No fashionista wants to be out of fashion. Trends here are not only about fashion styles, lifestyle, and consumption habits. All will affect the buying behavior of customers.

You can follow sites specializing in predicting trends and fashion like Elle, L’Officiel, the Vogue Collection app, and Tagwalk, the fashion category of important newspapers like VnExpress, and follow-up on-time account famous page on Instagram.

2.2. Tell your brand story in your way

Customers don’t purchase your product; they buy the experience you provide. Let’s turn fashion products into an inspirational story, touching the heart of customers.

You can tell the story of the production process of the products and why you should buy the product and create inspiration.

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The Instagram stories format is an effective tool for you to save your stories in the featured story.

2.3. Fashion marketing by interacting with users

The Poll feature on stories (collection of opinions and quick feedback) is a panacea for brands to connect with consumers. Not only is it meant to help brands survey and capture users’ desires, but this is also a better way to connect users with the brand.

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2.4. Develop marketing strategies for fashion products using KOLs, Influencers

It is an immense boost for fashion brands. Users tend to follow, learn, and buy in the style of Instagram celebrities. The items worn by KOLs and Influencers then effortlessly became a trend and sold out.

2.5. What about high-fashion positioning? What should be noted?

Having a long life is not a guarantee for success on Instagram. However, to maintain their position, high-end fashion brands can apply the following secrets:

  • Fascinating and Inspiring: A fashion brand positioning high-ends must come from meticulousness and a true passion for fashion.
  • High personalization: tailor-made clothes that fit unique styles and make up the distinctive quality of high fashion. Therefore, it needs to be suitable for different body shapes, not just the standard model like other brands on Instagram.
  • Authenticity: The high-fashion brand’s clientele is exceptionally bright. What they need in a brand first is to be honest and responsible for what is said.

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3. Conclusion

Fashion marketing has always been an extremely lively and attractive field. It is the stage for creativity and non-stop innovation. Bring your great ideas and brand stories to Instagram in the brightest way to drive brand success.


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