Our Partners

The objective is to create a network for business and people online, yet we never settle for a linear progress. We’ve been after a dynamic process of development in advertising. Along with online necessities, we broaden ourbconnection and set greater linkages for online services.

CygerAgent Inc

Based in Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, CyberAgent Inc. was established in 1998. It envisions a lot towards this 21 st century – be known as a leading company. CyberAgent creates a boom impression on the internet about its growth market. And innovating fresh ideas from the box is one way why they keep the bars high about them. But more than any underlying factors, CyberAgent gives focus on the value of work and responsibility. The principle of a role model character plus talent is a great advantage for them.

Yello Digital Marketing

Originated in Seoul, Korea, YDM has already proven being a competent digital marketing group in Asia. They provide highly comprehensive digital advertisements to their clients. Provided that YDM is apparently a stable institution, they continuously grow their massive team with 1,400 employees working out of their creativity and passion for company’s values and principles. With their 18 family companies working hand-in- hand, YDM has already reached 5,000 clients of good work quality. The company has gone global with Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam branch offices.


In 2004, this social networking site has been regarded “king” of all after being started up by Mr. Zuckerberg out of his cleverest mind in the academe way back then. Users, businesses and customers have been clinging on the gratification of Facebook in their lives, yet they truly get satisfied. Through mobile or desktops, people use Facebook for wider and easier venture for communication. Facebook constantly updates its services, features and the layouts to take ahead of becoming stagnant.


From a project then, Google was created in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. After gaining its domain name, Google Corporation was launched in 1998. Through keywords searches, Google AdWords was born. Later on, Google created more products that have made its identity globally competent. Some of the commonly used features today are Gmail, Google Drive, Sheets, Photos, Google +, Earth etc. These features immensely help the digital marketing work in progress.

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