In 2008, CleverAds has started creating great ideas through online advertising platform after being first established in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City branch was then built to progress more digital campaigns after a year.

With the spontaneous and extensive advantage of Google Adwords on its platforms and campaigns, CleverAds has become Google Certified Partner since 2010. Along with the development of digital media, it was chosen as an official Google Premier SMB Partner in Vietnam, 2011. This opportunity has immensely contributed to reach the wide-ranging interests of customers to get alongside with various advertising formats. Moreover, Cyberagent Ventures, a partner for global innovation, was welcomed in the investment approaches and policies of CleverAds. This has made the company consistently competent in digital advertising.

In the same year, Indonesia branch was established and started influencing customers with the modern and effective advertising strategies online.

Da Nang branch in Vietnam was the third CleverAds to be established in the year 2012, helping massive amount of customers to get engaged with newest campaign materials. In this year of bountiful victories, being the first Facebook Authorized Reseller in Vietnam was dubbed to the company.

CleverAds Philippines Corporation has become an official branch and linkage in 2013. Utilizing different solutions, Philippines has rapidly cultivated the context of digital advertising with the Filipino people and businesses.

CleverAds has also allowed the Yello Marketing (a comprehensive digital service-hand in Asia) uplift the strengths and capacities of various digital marketing services worldwide. Through this, the investment stability boosted upon.

As a reflection of hard work and passion in creating the newest impression on digital marketing, CleverAds Vietnam was recognized with Three (3) Premier Google Partner awards in 2015; such as Best Quality Ad Words Accounts, Mobile Performance Champion and Display YouTube Champion (all for Southeast Asia).

CleverAds Philippines Corporation
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Ms. Nguyen Phuong Anh (Kathy)
Country Manager of CleverAds Philippines
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