We, CleverAds, are entitled with several AdWords Certifications after gaining the awards in 2016. It has been recognized by Google in passing AdWords Fundamentals and Video Advertising Exam, Search Advertising Advanced Exam and Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam.

As a professional accreditation, this Google AdWords Certification is empowered to deliver proficiency while advancing the basics of AdWords. The certification caters to the continuous progress in managing and demonstrating AdWords through online platform.

We managed to become a certified professional on this mean by passing through the AdWords Fundamentals examination and an examination of one of the advertising types: search, display, mobile, video and shopping. AdWords Fundamentals exam asks about the benefits of online advertising, best practices for managing AdWords and its campaigns. Meanwhile, exams on these advertising channels cover the basic and advanced principles and practices in creating, managing, measuring, optimizing and other related premise of their respective advertising platform campaigns

The certification stays in effect for 12 months and CleverAds keeps on excelling in all examinations for constructively creating progress towards company’s impression and quality.

While years are starting to grow with us, we, CleverAds, have been going farther to reach our dream of growing more businesses in line with our potentials and efficient context towards great online advertising.

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